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WordPress Security

Boost your defences & reduce vulnerabilities

Helping to protect your website from attacks and hacks

Although WordPress is one of the most secure platforms available, ongoing security is essential. Keeping your website protected is top of our agenda.

If your site is not protected then your customer information can be hacked and your online brand is at risk of being compromised.

We only work with dedicated WordPress hosts which use the latest security fixes, employ sophisticated systems to block malicious attackers and protect clients from the most common vulnerabilities.

Your site will be configured to prevent brute force attacks and we will always ensure the WordPress core, plugins and theme are kept up-to-date with the latest versions.

Working with a suite of tools designed for website security, we can monitor for alerts, protection against future attacks and rapid response to remove website malware.

At Digicom we also provide a comprehensive service to backup your site content. So if you ever experience an issue we can quickly restore your website to a previous version.

“Digicom were recommended to us by a professional IT colleague to help rebuild our website. The whole process went without a hitch, and the new site looks great and works really well. Digicom now help us with our ongoing maintenance, updates, backups and web security – it’s good to know expert help is at hand if we need it”.

Julia Druryy
THP Solicitors Partner

Secure hosting

Using the best hosting is the 1st line of defence. We only work with dedicated WordPress hosts that use advanced security protocols to monitor and maintain their servers.

Plugin curation

Although plugins provide an important way to add functionality to a website, they can also create vulnerabilities. At Digicom we have developed a list of plugins and that we can recommend as being secure and stable.

Security Blueprint

As dedicated WordPress developers, we’ve built up a great deal of experience over the years. We use a blueprint for securing WordPress sites which works across everything from the code written, plugins & themes utilised, username & password best practices, limited logins and implementation to prevent the most common vulnerabilities.

Site backups & restore

At Digicom we provide a comprehensive service to backup your database and site content as often as you require. In the unlikely event of a hack, or major technical failure, we can quickly restore your website to a previous version.

WordFence plugin

One of the tools within our defence arsenal is the comprehensive WordFence plugin.  This security plugin provides the best protection available and includes a constantly updated Firewall to prevent sites from getting hacked.

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